A total of seven high-quality apartment buildings will be built In Olympiade, all of which bear the name of memorable Olympic cities. Four of the buildings consist of modern apartments for sale, ranging from 55 to 180 m² (M, M + L and XL and Penthouses). The beautiful entrances to the buildings are all located at the park. You’ll be able to get home from the healthy green environment and vice versa in no time. The garages below the buildings do not only take the parking of cars into account, plenty of space will be created to store your (racing) bicycles or mountain bikes.
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Grenoble 1968 is the entrance to Olympiade at the Startbaan and is a small and slender building consisting of five floors with circular balconies. These offer both privacy and a wonderful view of the park and the green surroundings. From your apartment you can easily go for a walk outside or cycle towards sports establishments and shops. Grenoble has 42 apartments in the category: M to XL
ROME 1960
Rome 1960 offers a nice mix of 31 luxury apartments on five floors in the category: M, M+ L and XL. Especially the outside space and the connection with the enjoyable neighborhood on the other side and the pond in front of your door, give the building a cozy and intimate feel. Rome, like Chamonix, is distinguished by its light facade color, round shapes and continuous rounded balconies with a glass balustrade.
Helsinki 1952 consists of seven floors, is located at the park and has beautiful terraces all around with a view of the green surroundings. The range of the 74 apartments is in the category M to Penthouse. These make the building ideal for the urban professional, who wants to enjoy sports after work and after relax in luxury at home.
Chamonix 1924 consists of nine floors with 47 apartments and has a magnificent view of the sports fields and the park on the inner side. The range of apartments is in the categories M, M+, L and XL. Chamonix, like Rome, is distinguished by its light façade color, round shapes and continuous rounded balconies with a glass railing.


Whether you want a royally spacious penthouse or a smaller sporty apartment on a lower floor, the homes in Olympiade are made for people who like to live their lives outside. That’s why each apartment has a spacious terrace or balcony overlooking the park or green surroundings. The large windows and sliding doors provide lots of light and comfort in your home. Your home is heated (and cooled) by sustainably generated underfloor heating.
The high-quality kitchen with luxurious built-in appliances in which you naturally cook electrically is also very comfortable. And your bathroom is also equipped with beautiful sanitary and tiling, which you can choose yourself. The buildings contain apartments of different sizes. This creates a nice mix of households that together form their own active community. Choose from an apartment M, M +, L, XL or one of the luxury penthouses.
This type of apartment is perfect for your active lifestyle! Enjoy your sport across the street. The smart layout provides you with the convenience of one or two bedrooms, a nice livingroom with lots of light and a balcony or terrace. So, enough space to cook healthy food in your luxury kitchen or to relax after work or sports. Make yourself comfortable and store your bicycle or racingbike in the garage downstairs in addition to your mountainbike. After all, there’s enough space.
  • 55-75 m²
  • 1 - 2 bedrooms
  • Balcony and / or terrace
  • Luxury kitchen with equipment, high-quality sanitary facilities and private parking space
  • Verkoopprijzen vanaf circa € 325.000,-
In this super light apartment you can completely relax after your run or bike ride. You have completely decorated the large living room to your liking. You also have two or three bedrooms, one of which could of course also be used as a walk-in closet. The spacious living room and extensive kitchen offer plenty of space for your healthy lifestyle ... And of course, that great outdoor space with a view of the park, which runs around your apartment.
  • 70-90 m²
  • 2 - 3 bedrooms
  • Balcony and / or terrace
  • Luxury kitchen with equipment, high-quality sanitary facilities and private parking space
  • Verkoopprijzen vanaf circa € 435.000,-
Living big on the sports fields of Amstelveen. The type L apartments combine space and luxury and are the perfect next step in your life. Improve the way your live! Here, you can come home after work and prepare yourself in peace for your next match. What are you going to do? Play tennis, football, hockey, handball? Then enjoy a healthy meal from your own (island) kitchen or go for a walk in the park tonight. Or you could continue to enjoy the sun and the view on your balcony, of course. Enough space.
  • 90 -116 m²
  • 2 - 3 bedrooms
  • Outdoor space (overlooking the park)
  • Luxury kitchen with equipment, high-quality sanitary facilities and private parking space
  • Verkoopprijzen vanaf circa € 496.000,-
Come and live in the most active residential area in the Netherlands. Olympiade offers XL apartments with two or three spacious bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom and a spacious living room with a view of the green park. Do you prefer to work or do business from home? Create a bright office in one of the bedrooms. At your feet there’s the beautiful park, where you can run around or take a quiet walk between the 7 buildings. At home you can relax on the very spacious terrace.
  • 116 – 180 m²
  • Terrace or balcony overlooking the green or the water
  • 2 -4 spacious bedrooms
  • Luxury kitchen with equipment, high-quality sanitary facilities and private parking space
  • Verkoopprijzen vanaf circa €729.000,-
The 2 special penthouses in the Olympic buildings underline our ambitions to excel in luxury. Here you sometimes literally but always figuratively live at the highest achievable level of Olympiade. The large living room, a luxurious bathroom, a master bedroom with enough space for a walk-in-closet and an island kitchen completes this unique penthouse. The abundent space you’ll have inside is complemented by the freedom of a wraparound balcony with an amazing view of the green park, Amstelveen and Zuidas.
  • 2 unique penthouses
  • Terraces and or balcony on two sides
  • 2 - 3 spacious bedrooms
  • Master bedroom with enough space for walk-in closet
  • Luxury kitchen with equipment, high-quality sanitary facilities and two private parking spaces
  • Verkoopprijzen op aanvraag


Of course, healthy and sustainable living at Olympiade starts with generating your ‘own’ energy with solar panels on the green rooftops as well as the use of geothermal energy. Your home is also well insulated and ventilated, so you can expect a favourable energy bill. And there will always be a lovely constant temperature in your home due to the underfloor heating that can also cool your apartment in the summer.